Wedding Package: $2,000
Your Wedding Package will include a full day of photography, from as early as 8:00AM to as late as midnight. You will receive all images edited in high resolution on a DVD. You will receive one copy of the DVD with printing rights. 

Second Photographer for Wedding: $500
With any wedding, there's always something going on which is a good idea to have a second photographer. This ensures that all shots are captured and the main shots have different angles. The price of the second photographer will be added to the Wedding Package price. 

Price Per Hour: $200
Not everyone has a big wedding, and for that I offer a la carte options. If you are having a small ceremony and reception that might only last a few hours long, I charge $200 per hour, with a minimal of three hours. (The reason I have a minimal on this is because it is more involved than a portrait session. You have more people than you would involved with a portrait session. You have more to cover, and it is a much quicker pace. Even for if you need me for an hour, it would still come out to $600 and $200 every hour after that, there is a lot of editing and work that goes into that one hour.) 

Portrait Sessions: $200/hr
For your portrait session you will have an hour of photography with all images edited and placed on a disc with printing rights. The session will be at a location of your choosing with as many wardrobe changes as you want. You may book several hours, as different locations and wardrobe changes take up time. 

Photography Lessons: $200/hr 
Whether you are a beginner looking to learn more, or someone who's never shot on a SLR/DSLR camera, I love teaching people what I am so passionate about! Every lesson will be hands on and I will teach you to your skill level. If you have never shot with a SLR camera, we will go over the basics. If you have some experience but maybe you shoot on "auto" I will teach you how to get away from that. 

Pictures For Sale: $75/ea
Any picture I have on my "For Sale" page is $75 each and will be a 10x15 print. If you need something photographed for your home, office, etc. you may contract me for an mutually negotiated price. 

Other Options:
I also make business cards, brochures, and photo books. Prices vary based on the work. I charge for my time, then you would pay how much it would cost for the product.